I3 - Immediate Insights and Intelligence

Automatic identification and rapid decryption of terrorist media

A laptop taken from a passenger whose travel history raised flags. A hard drive seized in a raid on a terrorist cell. A thumb drive recovered at the site of a car bombing.

Security forces regularly capture thousands of devices containing millions of files. The sooner they know which ones are from known terrorist media, and the faster they can access the passwords to decrypt them, the quicker they can take steps to thwart potentially devastating attacks.

For more than a decade I3 (Immediate Insights and Intelligence) has amassed an extensive archive of the hash values — identifiers of digital files as unique as fingerprints — of content distributed by the most violent terrorist organizations, virtual extremist media groups, and extremist forums and select, high-profile users. I3 also maintains a decryption password dictionary that significantly increases the speed at which encrypted media can be read.

The result is a cost-effective, highly accurate way for security services to know just what data has fallen into their hands, and how they should react.